Spelunky (HD) 👍🏻

Tuesday, August 9, 2016
1 min read

Original Steam Review Text

Spelunky is the 2D platformer against which I measure all others. The game engine, controls, and physics are simply that good. It works as a 2D platformer and does all the things you would expect and rewards habits built up over thirty years of gaming (well, at least since, say, Super Mario Brothers 3).

Wherever Mossmouth could have chosen between physics/gameplay that works, and physics/gameplay that works well, they have chosen the latter. This gives emergent properties, such as gun-jumping and whip mechanics and shotgun pellet spread.

Around 97% of deaths in Spelunky are earned, meaning that it’s quite rare for me to say, I disagree with what happened on the screen or I was cheated. This is a great feeling as a gamer to have: get spiked? … aww. I knew I should have looked down first. :/

It is exceptionally replayable and my only two complaints are minor:

  1. There needs to be a Spelunky 2;
  2. The Daily Challenge really should be tagged with the date BEFORE you enter. I’m at GMT-whatever, and I think the Daily Challenge is keyed off of GMT+000/Zulu time.

Update: ~480 hours and still going strong! Update: Spelunky 2 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED.